I think it’s time to try and put SketchCrawl to good use again, time to raise money for a worthy cause with our World Wide drawing marathons. Last year we raised around $2000 with SketchCrawl #7 for the Pakistani Earthquake relief efforts (in conjunction with Danny Gregory). I think we could do better this year…

I came across this really interesting video regarding the reality of war victims, please take a look at it.

Emergency is the organization that is trying to do something about this difficult and sad reality.
In brief: Emergency is an independent, neutral and non-political Italian organization founded in order to provide free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty.

My wish has been for SketchCrawl to enable people from around the globe to come together and share a passion for drawing, with SHARING being the important key element here. I believe there’s a second thing we can and should do through SketchCrawl and that is GIVING.
There is no better reason to come together as a global drawing community than to GIVE.
Together around the globe, with our drawings, we can raise money and awareness for this worthy and peaceful cause.

So, how do we do this?
I see at least three ways to raise funds to donate with SketchCrawl: sponsoring, donations, and an artwork auction.
Sponsoring: (a fundraising system similar to an aids run) where each sketchcrawler would look for a few sponsors to donate an amount of money “per drawings done on the sketchcrawl”. Each one of us would be responsible for looking and finding a few sponsors to help us.
We could have 3 sets of sponsorship:
$1 per drawing – Junior Sponsor
$5 per drawing – Sponsor
$10 per drawing – Super Sponsor

Donations: A flat fee amount, self explanatory.

Art Auction: (probably on ebay) An auction featuring some of the watercolors from the SketchCrawl and any other artwork people might be willing to donate.

A book: Possibly a SketchCrawl book with some of its proceeds going to the benefit.

At this point we are looking for thoughts, suggestions and any help you can give … from pledging sponsorship to setting up an auction on e-bay.
Please chime in with your thoughts here.

So, SketchCrawl 13 will be held as planned on March 17th while SketchCrawl 14 will be the fundraiser and it’ll be held sometime in May on a date to be determined.