November 21st 2004

First World Wide SketchCrawl day !

On November 21st 2004 I was in Kyoto to join a bunch of artists for the first International SketchCrawl! On that day I put out a call to every artist in every corner of the world:"Let's make sunday November 21st the first World Wide SketchCrawl day! Let's join in in the first World Drawing Marathon !! Get some friends, organize a day out, have a good time and draw away! And don't forget to share it with us!" It was indeed pretty incredible and eye opening to see drawings from all over the world ... and the feeling that something connected us to eachother on that day ... The experiment was so much fun that we are doing another one! The second world wide SketchCrawl day is now coming up, on march 6th, please join us on a sunday of drawing and looking ... I appreciate all your help in spreading the word ! Sketch till you crawl ! X)




S k e t c h xt i l l xy o ux c r a w l

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