You can read Danny Gregory’s retelling of the evening and see beautiful drawings from the New York sketchcrawl here. And some more descriptions and beautiful drawings from Cully here. The Rubin Museum of Art sounds like a great site … want to visit it now! Also Danny and the artists in NY raised around $1000 dollar in donations, which is truly exciting. Which brings me to a needed little update on our side of the fundraiser here in SF. I received some donations already (thank you) and I also mentioned to a few of you on how to donate. But scatterbrain as I am I forgot at the end of the night at Canvas Cafe to remind and clarify details on how to donate, forgive me for that, so here goes.
Your donations are greatly needed and appreciated. We recommend making checks to THE MERCY CORPS, Dept CR96 PoBox2669 Portland OR 97208-2669.
Danny Gregory who organized and spearheaded this worthy fundraiser, will tally and collect all SketchCrawl donations and then send them all together to the corps.
So please send the checks made out to the Corps directly to him. (Email him at for his address)
I understand this is not as smooth as we’d wish but it’s for such a good cause … so I invite anyone from everywhere, crawler or not, to help and donate to the Pakistani Earthquake relief funds. Thank you very much for your help with that.
Please let me know if you have any question. Thanks !