I think it’s good to use as minimal a set up as possible, you’ll certainly want to be light during a long day of sketching and you’ll need to draw and watercolor often standing … not an easy thing to do. So light and easy it’s good.

I use mechanical pencils for drawing, any type works for me, but I’ve discovered these awesome Caran Dache set of Pen and Pencil that has been great to use. Very smooth.

The water brush pen is the key to quick and easy on the run watercoloring. It’s just a brush pen that contains water. There’s a couple of different brands making these but they all work fine … You can buy them at Japanese Bookstores like Kinokuniya in a few cities around the US. If you’re in Japan Tokyu Hands has them.

Any decent watercolor set will do, I have a Windsor and Newton set.

As far as sketchbooks, the field is wide open … I bet that, just like I do, most of you love to look for new good sketchbooks … it’s almost a sport. I am certainly always on the search … and it’s good to mix it up and try new papers. These nice Fabriano Artists Journals are my latest discovery yet … they should give me a percentage of sales for all the friends and crawlers that have bought these. šŸ˜‰
Ok, that’s it … hope this helps a little. One note though, I made this page mostly to answer the curious that wants to know what materials I use, but it’s by no mean what I recommend SketchCrawlers around the world to use. Just as I’d love to see drawings from different places, I also love to see different medias and materials used. SketchCrawl is about recording details around you by looking a little bit deeper and then drawing … it doesn’t matter what you use ! A ball point pen and some coffee will do just wonderfully, at least if you like coffee… as I mentioned my only suggestion is to pick tools that are light and easy to use.

Take care and good SketchCrawling !


  1. sharon says:

    Looks great folks! I can only draw 1/2 day šŸ™
    No art warrior status this time!!
    World’s of RESPECT to ALL

    Love & Art- Always,

  2. Ivan utila says:

    Global calls requires “global” materials. I love to use Caran d’Ache material which I buy when traveling to Europe or South Africa. So I do not complain to your branded material but would like to have a generic description of paper quality, texture etc. Water colours the same.What we should choose when looking for drawing materials. In Tanzania we are flooded with low quality Chinese “school” materials. What about hand made papers??

    My son and me are joining you, and are grateful to CNET about “25th Anniversary of Pixar”
    post which pointed us to SketchCrawl.

    Greetings from the Land of Kilimanjaro and island of Zanzibar.

  3. Kathleen Neff says:

    Travel light…best idea for sure. I use WN pocket set and additionally: water-soluble pencils – Karat and Derwent( 2 blues, paynes gray and earth colors primarily) and a terra cotta Verithin (fine line, non-aqueous). And finally my fine and ultra-fine tipped Faber-Castell pens in sepia, sanguine and black.

    I don’t have my Fabriano journal yet, but since I use their wc papers, I know I’ll like them. I especially like the idea of the interleaved brown sheets. Otherwise I’ve used a wide variety of others which are all fun to ‘discover’…like you, it’s rather a passion. Neither do I have the water brush but it would definitely be a plus. I carry all in my Plano fishing shoulder bag. Lots of pockets…perfect fit for everything and more.

  4. anniek says:

    Hi Enrico: Looking forward to my first sketchcrawl today
    in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa! What a fab-
    ulous idea! AnnieK

  5. Pauline Tolentino says:

    I’m sorry to say that I cannot get out and around the way I did in my youth . But, all this I see and peruse on “sketch crawl”, I love to pieces . If I had to tell you everything what’s on my mind (art), it would take up a few pages . Do you object to me watching these beautiful results of your outings ? I am a potential artist , having done the studying all my life in all phases . Thanks for allowing me to sound off .

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