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Saturday January 19th 2008
chris ocampo
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Post by chris ocampo » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:46 am

The artwork looks awesome everyone. It was great seeing familiar folks and meeting new ones. Thanks for the drawing tips too James. Very inspiring sketchbooks!
Thanks for setting up the crawl too!

here's my contribution.


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Post by chrispalmer » Tue Jan 29, 2008 8:23 am

Wow! I can't say how impressed I was at the end of sketchcrawl looking through the books. What a fun-filled day! I'm glad everyone is posting up there work. So good.

It was really nice to hang around one central area with so much to draw from!


Eduardo, what fun. I love the last sketch of the card game.

Jim, nice scenes and great website.

lifeartist, the popular musician sketch is absolutely fantastic.

Larry, nice to meet you at the crawl. I love the whimsy in your trees and observation in all the sketches.

Enrico, thanks for posting Nancy's dolls (so much talent in so many fields).

Colin, the sketch with the dog watching the people eating sandwiches is perfect. My favorite. You captured the moment!

Danny, I wish I would have been quick enough to get a sketch in of the boy pulling the box. Great stuff.

Bill, nice painting of the ladies in line (and wonderful blog, too).

Andrea, impressive as always! I really like the 2nd sketch with the little girl (reminds me of a little version of you). And nice face study on the page with the elder in a beanie.

Mr. Hoffman, I don't miss the color at all. Love the sketches, and glad to have found your blog again.

Ronnie, the Sketchbook Sharing page is so fun. That one really stuck out in my mind after we all swapped books. I think it's that mix of simplicity of line and the four solid colors. Oh, and thanks for all of the pictures of the day.

Jason, champion line quality! I love these sketches! Particularly the first blue penciled page with the two men on the benches.

Nadine, love the group of people standing on the right page of the third image. Wonderful work.

Nancy, both sketches are really nice. Seems a weird thing to say, but, whatever you did to get that quality in the sky in the 2nd picture is fantastic. I keep trying to guess whether you did it at the pencil stage with smearing or with photoshop afterward.

Amelia, great sketch work, nice blog and figure drawings, and best of luck with the CalArts app.

Dice, good god.

Enrico, thanks for posting the scans! That second image is gorgeous.

Marco, what great fluid line work on all the sketches, and awesome blog.

Martha, you really made your way around! Your art has a nostalgic color storybook quality. Reminds me of some German children's books I saw a few years back.

Gerald, if that first brush pen sketch was the cover of a book, I'd buy it. Without a title, without opening it. Even without a coupon to Barnes and Noble. I'd pay full price. Well done.

Irene, you really did that lamp (and street scene) justice. Kudos.

Emma, I love the sketch of everyone at the table. Great stuff as always.

Paul, you picked up on subjects that not many others touched. I love that last page, and nice blog, too.

Daniela, perfect balance of emotion, story, and weight in your work (and you got the woman with the box).

Gary, I am utterly impressed. Love the angles you chose to tackle.

Terry, beautiful studies with beautiful shapes! I really like the man talking to the baby.

James, thanks for the tips (means a lot) and astounding sketches as always. There were so many gems in your book!

Paul T., some nice sketches and good luck at Pratt.

Leeroy, you are an inspiration! So much good stuff, I dunno where to start.

Chris, I love that second page with the sketches of the sketchers. So talented. And thanks for sitting and talking.

Hope to see you all at the next crawl, and have more time and courage to meet even more people. Everyone was so very nice and happy to share their work and knowledge!

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Post by Terry » Tue Jan 29, 2008 8:41 am

Wow, Chris Palmer, that's A LOT of comments...thank you so much! And thank you, Nadine, as're all so generous with compliments to each other, it's really nice=)

I don't have as much patience to sit and write all that! But I do share your enthusiasm and admiration for everyone's skills...

Chrispalmer your sketches are great, I love how you define the poses with limited strokes and solid drawing. I also like they way you're drawing the groups and crowds...I wish I could do that!

And I want to say hi to Chris o campo as well, thanks for sitting and talking to me, TOO! Your sketchbook was amazing, man. And nice post, I like your line quality, your drawing is really beautiful.

gus mcduffie
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chinatown crawl results

Post by gus mcduffie » Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:24 pm


Corrected url by Gus/Seeker (hey another Gus :) )

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Post by nonie » Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:20 am

Sorry for the late post... Just didn't get around to scanning my stuff. Better late than never though, right? Yeah...

Eduardo, it was cool meeting you too! Your sketches turned out great :)

Some favorites:

Storydesign - I love the way you drew those trees! All of them!

Enrico, awesome watercolors, I love the kids :)

Colin Adams - love the street scene and the lantern and the smiling dog :)

liamlightyear - I love all of them! Especially the color work - great stuff.

hoffman - Nice gestures! I like the guy with his chin in his hand the best.

Biscuit Maker - great work :)

jason_c - it was nice to see you again! I don't think I saw all those! Love all of them! They're all really nicely composed.

Nadine - hey, you got me in there! I like your line quality.

Dice - wow, love the painting, and the sketches are great too. I came across your blog a while back, it would have been cool to meet you but I guess we missed each other.

Marc - damn you and your ink! These are too good :)

Gerald - cool seeing you again... I already saw these on your blog but I'll say it again, I really like the one of Coit Tower.

IR - nice penwork!

Emma - I like how you drew me :) Really cool little table scene! And Jake's hands turned out awesome :)

Daniela - I love the face of the lady in the third sketch! Actually all the faces are really cool, lots of character.

gary - holy crap, you killed that lantern! really really nice job - the values push the 3-dimensionality of it really well.

terry and j_robertson - great sketches - really nice gesture to them

Leeroy - man, you got a lot of sketching done! The little compositions are great, as are the watercolors

chris ocampo - great gestures

Wooo, awesome results, everyone! There's so much excellent work here... I tried really hard to get this reply typed up reasonably quick but my wrist is aching anyway :P I just can't believe to astounding level of skill everyone has. I love this event so much! <3

Here are mine:


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Post by Terry » Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:51 pm

THank you for sharing, Gus and Nonie....

Gus, I love your architecture drawings, I love the boldness of colors u use...

Nonie, greath sketches! I especially like the one of the old ladies sittin on boxes the best=)

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Post by Karen » Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:28 pm

Sorry for the late post, but here are my drawings.

Some quick BART passengers.

Kids on the monkey in Portsmouth Square Park.

Spofford alley, where you can hear the clicking and clacking of mah jong tiles echoing.

Iconic lamps strung between buildings and on street corners.

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Post by raison » Fri Apr 04, 2008 7:53 pm

i guess i'll post this for posterity. someday, i hope to finish it.


This is Xie Ming Jiang on an erhu. He approached me and laughed at my drawings. A woman came by and asked him to watch 150 pounds of onions. The boxes were precariously perched and kept falling, causing him to chase after an onion or two.

Eventually, I popped into a coffee shop to warm up and drew a man with unusually large ears mumbling and rocking to himself. After finishing the sketch, I moved on to draw a homeless man whose fingernails were cleaner than mine. He had no socks. I gave him $2.27 and he responded with a meek "Thank you, sir," his eyes never leaving the pavement.

I showed him my drawing. He jumped up from his overturned bucket in approval. Smiling from ear to ear, he had a genuine light in his eye. It's nice to see, regardless of his position.

i still haven't scanned in these drawings and would love to develop them digitally, especially the homeless man, but i am working on remote server access stuff and dynamic content generation, so my energy goes towards that before this... :?
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