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Saturday Apr 18th, 2020

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Keep on Sketchin'!

Post by markfletcher » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:34 pm

SketchLife in the time of Corona Virus:
Artmaking has always been good for mental health and spiritual well-being. Now Doctors are promoting art for its physiological and social benefits as well in the time of Corona Virus. Sketchcrawl keeps us connected with art friends at home and around the world.

If you are concerned or vulnerable in the time of Corona Virus, it's a good idea :idea: to please follow Gustavo's advice. and check for the latest updates from CDC:

At the time this was written, it was still within CDC guidelines to go to a park or outdoor place if we stay 6 feet apart and take precautions. Special restrictions are already in place in some states like California.

Please take care of our environment! Believe it or not, since many workers have been furloughed, latex gloves and toilet paper have become a big litter problem in our parks! :sick:

Here's the official CDC website you can check for the latest updates:
Stay well!
For those of us have moved temporarily we'll plan to particpate from wherever we are. Sketching might prevent cabin fever if you are in quarantine!
Post images yourself, please or email to me .

Keep on Sketchin'!
Mark Fletcher, Tallahassee, Florida, USA
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