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Ronald Searle

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2004 8:06 pm
by enrico
Ronald Searle and specifically PARIS SKETCHBOOK
have been a huge inspiration for me and the skethcrawl idea.
The book is written by Kaye Webb and it retells the
couple's trip to Paris ...
Ronald's amazing drawings
of Paris
plus Kaye's little stories and anecdotes behind
the drawings.
Highly highly recommended ... I got mine at
I think used is the only way to get one ...

Here's a bio ...

For some reason I can't find much on the web about him ... I might have to scan at least the cover for this book.


Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2004 12:45 am
by Guest
I have this book too, and it is wonderful. I could not find a used copy, so a few years ago I checked it out of the library and hand-copied the whole thing!

I also copied an entire out-of-print book once in the Library of Congress: _Travelling With a Sketchbook_ by Ray Evans, whose style is not unlike Searle's.

Another book I like which is hard to find is _Ink Line Sketching_ by Paul Laseau.


Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 4:00 am
by enrico
Oh cool mm, I should look those 2 up as well ...

One other recommendation as far as travelling journals is certainly
Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson, of Blankets fame.
I think Craig gets a tad winy at times during his trip but it's still a great read.


Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 8:06 am
by littlefish

hand-coping a book maybe a great way to practice and learn. Maybe i should try that once. I'll see if we have that book in our library ;)

Travelling sketchbook

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:44 pm
by aoi
I found an interesting travelling sketchbook called "Very California" by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler, it's one of the books which made me know the world of sketching and journaling. Hope it will inspire you all, too :D

another Paris book

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 10:35 am
by 4ojos
I also have a Ronald Searle book with drawings of Paris but the text is by Irving Shaw! The title is "Paris, Paris"


Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 2:56 pm
by enrico
OH nice !! I have to get this one too !!
wonderful !
thanks 4ojos !



Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 4:24 pm
by 4ojos
I have a spanish paperback copy, very tacky, from the 81 (first ed.) but It seems to me the original copyright is from 1976. It has 32 Searle drawings. It´s a pity they´re a bit difficult to scan, as the spine crackles.

By the way, I´ve just seen a fantastic drawing of Searle here: ... skiers.jpg