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SketchCrawl-inspired project

Post by Rosie » Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:39 pm

I feel very fortunate to have heard of and twice-experienced SketchCrawl in the Bay Area, and want to let you all know that I'm carrying out my own spin on it.

Basically what fellow students at the University of San Francisco and I are doing is going around on the buses in the city, asking passengers to fill out questions pertaining to their experience on the bus, while we (the students) draw quick portraits of them. I originally wanted to do something similar to SketchCrawl, where I establish a drawing group that would invite fellow passengers to draw as well. However from experience so far, folks on the bus tend to prefer answering questions rather than drawing.

Although the project's had a slow start, each new Friday when we do this yields more and richer participation from passengers, no matter what bus route we take. So we're building a lot of momentum already, and at this point I really invite people to join me every Friday afternoon (with the exception of March 9th and 16th), or on the weekends to do this.

Here's the link to the project blog:

And here is the project description:

Ultimately, this idea was totally inspired by SketchCrawl, so my humble thanks goes to Enrico, Ronnie, and everyone else who continues to make SketchCrawl possible.

Thanks so much you guys!
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