Seoul, Korea [Results]

Saturday July 23rd 2011
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Re: Seoul, Korea [Results]

Post by bh yoo » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:48 pm

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! Especially Mark Fletcher! :thumbup:

Sketching and sharing with all the sketchers on this globe become the most valuable experiences to us. We could get more detailed informations about our history, nature, etc by observing on the spots. The more we proceed sketchcrawls the more we seem to love ours.

Sketching in the Arcade we could hear sounds of musicians here and there. But as 4ojos pointed out we felt sorry about that we couldn't see any stage in the arcade where amateurs or professionals could play the music for visitors or for theemselves. Today I sent an email to the webmaster of the Arcade's homepage about the comment of 4ojos. I hope to receive that there was such stage which we couldn't have found. If not, we hope that they try to secure some space for the visitors to continue shopping hearing good music in corridors. By sharing sketches could we bring about developments too.

Thank you again, all the sketchers! :clap: :D

See you next SketchCrawl!


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