Boston, MA, USA

Saturday July 11th 2009
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Boston, MA, USA

Post by Aisling » Tue May 26, 2009 12:06 pm

Let's meet in Boston (Massachusetts) for a Freedom Trail sketchcrawl.

Meet on July 11th -- rain or shine -- at 9 a.m. at the Visitors Center on Boston Common.

(If you're commuting on the T -- recommended -- exit at Park Street Station and, above ground, walk southwest towards Boylston Street. Do not cross any streets. Stay on the sidewalk that runs parallel to Tremont Street. The Visitors Center will be on your right, on the same block as the Park Street Station.)

We'll wait about 15 minutes for people who are running late. (If you're later than that, catch up with us. We'll be easy to spot!) We'll follow the traditional route of the Freedom Trail. Info:

Printable map of the Freedom Trail: ... ps-map.pdf

The trail is free to walk, and clearly marked. Our adventures will take us past many of Colonial America's most fascinating landmarks.

Some locations along the way, such as the U.S.S. Constitution (if it's open), charge a fee if you want to tour them. Touring those sites is optional; at least a few of us will remain outside, sketching the great architecture, landscapes, the site staff (sometimes in Colonial costumes) and the tourists.


This will be the weekend of the Tall Ships event. So, Boston Harbor (in general) will have many boats and ships to sketch. Tall Ships info: Some of the 50+ confirmed ships: (We'll have more info about the best viewing spots, later.)

Some years in the past, the area around the U.S.S. Constitution -- which may be out in the harbor for the parade of ships -- has been a good vantage point.

Also, July 11th is one of the days when the North End may have street fairs and processions celebrating religious feast days. These are always colorful. (If you'd prefer to skip the crowds, you can bypass most of the North End and head towards Bunker Hill Monument and the Constitution.)


For lunch, we can choose a location in Boston's famous North End. We'll be sketching our way through that neighborhood, anyway. The North End is famous for great Italian restaurants, cafes and carts with food, for those who want to buy lunch. For those of us bringing our own lunches, we can eat as we sketch or find a quaint park for a relaxing picnic.


Dinner will be at Faneuil Marketplace's food court at about 5 p.m. We'll meet upstairs to eat; look for the stairs leading up to the rotunda, where there are tables and chairs. You can buy your meal from any of the great shops on the ground floor, or bring your own. Linger and share your sketches. Plan to remain at the food court area for about an hour, since some people will arrive later than others.

After that, you're on your own to continue sketching, or head back to your home (or hotel) with a smile and lots of great sketches to remember the day!


This following idea is optional. I mean it.

If you're looking to do something truly quirky for this sketchcrawl, get into the spirit of the Freedom Trail! Consider Colonial clothing and/or use the kinds of art supplies that were available in the 18th century. (Warning: If you do this, tourists will ask if they can have their photos taken with you. Keep that in mind if you hate to be interrupted when you're sketching.)


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