San Francisco [RESULTS]

Saturday April 11th 2009
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Re: San Francisco [RESULTS]

Post by illdave » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:30 am

Excellent work in terms of talent, different points of view, interesting styles ... the whole package. Doing SketchCrawl in San Francisco must feel like Mecca. I especially dig the comics and photos. What a large crowd!

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Re: San Francisco [RESULTS]

Post by frosti » Fri May 01, 2009 5:44 pm

Holy cow, 61 posts! I see the SF group is as busy as ever. I missed you guys, but had a lot of fun crawling with the LA group this time. Looks like Chinatown was pretty hopping!

John D - I especially love the street scene after lunch! Nice work, as always :)
hawaiianpunch - nice brushwork!The Go game and the musician are especially cool.
Cameron_C - great tone - is that watercolor or gouache?
Biscuit Maker Thanks for getting the group shots! Inspiring watercolors, as always!
Miromi Nice, I like your loose style, and the comics at the end! That's so very SF, a whole bunch of events intersecting at random.
demetrius Cool character studies.
aberrant85 So much detail! I think I've seen some of those folks wandering around the city.
tai Lovely architecture shots, and nicely designed.
Santiago You really set a nice twilight sort of tone with your inks. I especially like your pigeon.
shawnF Love your ink & color! Very stylish.
kcohn1963 Nice shot of the bank! You really captured it well in minimal strokes
Goro Wow, so many fun characters - nicely done!And thanks for the video, its almost like being there :)
Mgryphonk Very cool studies, glad you could join the gang!
vova1112 I like the mood you captured with the groups of crawlers.
dirkbeachman nice work!
DuttonArt Nice color and style, a lot of fun!
emil I've had a few of those kinds of crawls m'self, it's a pity you couldn't hook up with the LA crew. Lovely clean line work, with lots of personality.
jason_c Is the self-potrait icon new? Great pencils!
fabianmolina very nice style, so clean, and such fun shapes!
gerald so its only one page, but its an awesome one! Great atmosphere in these images!
gary I love the way you've used spot color in these, especially on the banners.
jackson that dragon/lion shot is awesome!
IR deft handling of that architecture- love the church.
2dbean those compositions are a lot of fun, they remind me of movie posters or book covers, especially the first one
janabouc love the indie crawl :-) Nice watercolors.
apuvilland you've really captured the feel of the city, nicely done!


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