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kumi matsukawa
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Tokyo/Kanagawa Crawl

Post by kumi matsukawa » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:07 am

We Tokyo sketchCrawl team had chances to sketch together with Ken Khoo, a nice guy from Canada.
This was his second visit to Japan and many of us enjoyed our reunion during the time of his stay in Tokyo.
Hope this post recall his time and become a kind of souvenir :wink:

Here, these are some of my sketches done while we visited Asakusa,Tokyo; Kamakura and Oiso, Kanagawa in each different days.

Nov 8

After visiting Torinoich Asakusa, we had a break and we made some sketches.
A doughnut and coffee with raspberry flavor
A doughnut and coffee with raspberry flavor by kumi matsukawa, on Flickr

Here, as you can see, he brought a big sketchbook :shock:

Then we went to Ueno, Tokyo. There we also had coffee break and I drew Junny, another sketch pal of the day.
Junichi by kumi matsukawa, on Flickr

Nov 13

Sakura, Inako, Tasha, Ken and I went to a café near Kita-Kamakura station.
in a cafe near Kitakamahura station. by kumi matsukawa, on Flickr

This day we visited Engaku-ji temple. This is a quick sketch of the view from the garden.
foliage by kumi matsukawa, on Flickr

After it got dark, we spent time at a coffee shop in O-funa station.
A sketcher in a cafe by kumi matsukawa, on Flickr

Nov 29

This day we gathered at a gallery in O-iso where our friend Becco has exhibition there.
This was done while we were on our way home in a train. You can see his big sketchbook again. ( and also my reflection in the window)
in the train 1129 by kumi matsukawa, on Flickr

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Re: Tokyo/Kanagawa Crawl

Post by Wanderlei » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:57 pm

I love your style kumi matsukawa.
The Bathmate from has a lot of reviews.

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