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Bryan, Texas [Results]

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:26 am
by granny c
I think that I spent more time trying to get somewhere than I did sketching. I just managed a few quickies.
I checked in at the Frame Gallery in downtown Bryan a little after 9. All the streets were blocked due to the Texas Reds Festival going on there. (This was celebrating the steak and wine industries here. ) Lots going on.
My daughter finally let me out of the car and I had to carry my chair, supplies, and purse to the next block where the Frame Gallery is located.
Pat, who is the grandmother of a friend of my grandson, met me at the gallery and drove, when we needed a car.
Since both Pat and I have trouble walking very far, we needed close parking and finally found handicapped parking after almost circling the town. I need knee replacements, have nerve damage in my feet, and I can't see worth a hoot due to Macular Degeneration and cataracts. Pat also has some knee problems. It isn't as if we are just too lazy to walk several city blocks.
One man finally moved the barricade so we could drive through to handicapped parking. We were told that a tram would pick people up in this parking lot and take them to the festival. But there was no tram. Finally, a friendly EMT man took us on a golf cart to the LaSalle Hotel where we hoped to find other sketchers. Image
We didn't find anyone else, but Pat got her coffee, and I sketched. By this time, it was 11:30.

After we cooled off, we ventured across the street, past a long tent that filled the street where food items were being sold. Music came from the Palace Theatre, and a stage was set up with bales of hay for seats in front of the Carnegie. Grape stomping would take place here later. Activities and more music was going on across the railroad tracks, where the Bryan Library and Children's Museum are located.
Between the Carnegie and the Masonic Lodge and a barber shop, there is a shady garden with benches and low walls. I thought that would make a good place to work, so we picked a spot with a good view of the George H.W. Bush locomotive 4141. The engine was parked behind the Carnegie with an emphasis on teaching railroad safety. I started sketching while Pat, who was suffering from the heat, took some photos.
While I sketched, several people walked over to see what I was doing and I told them about the Sketch Crawl. The HEB mascot, dressed as a bag of groceries, and a mascot for the new Brazos Bombers baseball team, dressed as a baseball, came over to have their pictures taken. A young man shook hands with us and we laughed when he said, "Now you have shaken hands with Buck Rogers." That was on his name tag.
I sketched enough of the engine to be able to work on it more later, and we decided to find a cool place. By then, it was 12:30 and almost 99 degrees outside. I was alright with the heat, as long as there was shade, a little breeze, and I had a cold drink.
We went back to the LaSalle and a volunteer called for the fire department to take us back to the car.
Pat isn't familiar with Bryan, and I can't read signs or tell what things are, unless they are very large and close. We decided to find a cool place and get a cold drink. There was food and drink for sale, and there are restaurants downtown, but I couldn't make out any signs, and we didn't want to have to walk all over to try to find a restaurant. I told her to just drive down Texas Avenue until we could find something. The Whataburger sign was large, so that's where we stopped. She wanted cold water, but pushed the lemonade button. But it was good and cold. I had a Sprite. I told her to order lunch. I just wanted to sketch and have something to drink. She was just trying to get cool. So, we visited while I sketched a bit.
This was a most welcome sight-a cup of Sprite with ice in it!
Pat left her straw hat on the dashboard while she had to go back into Whataburger before we drove home. That made another subject for a sketch for me.
I planned to go back out and sketch some more later, after it cooled off. But, when it got dark, it was still 94 degrees outside. Instead, I worked on darkening some of my sketches, and scanned them.
My sister, who was with me for the last Sketch Crawl, was at a plein aire workshop in Rockport Saturday. Several of the ladies worked there during the Sketch Crawl.
After the last Sketch Crawl, my sister and I went to our hometown and did our own little crawl while they were having their homes tour in May. We plan to go again and spend a day sketching, maybe next weekend.
We're looking forward to the next Sketch Crawl. Hopefully more people in the area will join in and we can draw the Brazos Valley.

Re: Bryan, Texas [Results]

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:52 am
by Letter C
good job! It sounds too hot to be drawing anything outside. I would have melted.

Re: Bryan, Texas [Results]

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:51 pm
by mhimeswc
Congratulations on getting out to sketch in all that heat, and the crowds, with bad knees and all. What dedication! You have some excellent sketches there. My favorite is the one you did at Whataburger with the hat in the foreground.

Re: Bryan, Texas [Results]

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:39 pm
by Joan T
You were able to get quite a lot sketched during your active, hot day. Super work!!!