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Tutorial: How to share / link images

Post by gustavo » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:18 am

Note: I am combining instructions from Enrico, Thorsten, myself and others into one post and adding pictures.

Upload your image(s) and/or pictures to your choice of hosting (blog, flickr, etc).
For this example we are using the forum's logo image.

Windows PC: While viewing the image you want to share, hover your mouse pointer on top of the image and Right-Click your mouse to bring up the menu, select "Properties"


While viewing the image properties, highlight the image URL, Right-Click your mouse once again to bring up the menu and select "Copy"


MAC OS X: While viewing the image you want to share, hover your mouse pointer on top of the image and press the Control button down while you click with your mouse to bring up the menu, select "Copy Image Address"


Add the open image tag and "Paste" the image URL / Image Address you just copied, then close the image tag.
Note: You can either add the image tags manually or click on the button above the content window (see image below). Clicking on the button will automatically add both the open and close image tags, you will then need to "Paste" the image URL that you copied in the previous step in between those tags.


You can then preview the end result or submit as applicable.


Flickr: It is a similar process:


Blogger / Blogspot: They only allow you to link to the smaller image that displays in the front page of your blog. If you link to the larger/original image it will not display.


Note for Web Experts:

Expert Blogger Image Size Tip
The difference between the image that displays on the front page of the blog and the original you may have linked is the size, blogger doesnt allow linking to large images as mentioned above.

Turns out the link for either the large image and the small image is the same and the size is controlled by a code found in the URL of the image, if you link to the large image by mistake, you can just edit the url by changing the size code.

Look for the image code in the URL that starts with the lowercase letter 's'
Example: /s1600-h/ is the large size, update it to /s400/ and the image should display.

Expert Picasa Tip
It appears that like Blogger, Picasa also prevents hotlinking and the way to fix that is as follows:
add the following /s400/ right before the image name.

If your image is called myimage.jpg and the URL is ...../SAFWSDe/myimage.jpg all you need to do is add the /s400/ before the name of the image.
Like this: ...../SAFWSDe/s400/myimage.jpg

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