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How to share images

Post by enrico » Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:00 pm

1. Login

2. Upload your pictures to your Blog or or any other good place to share your sketches.

3. Right-click on that picture, copy the picture's address/URL
I took the URL of the upper left sketch:

Code: Select all
4. Drop/Paste in that URL to one of the actual forums here as you try to reply.

5. Add

Code: Select all

add the open [img] tag before the URL and the close [/img] tag behind every picture's URL and leave no space.
6. Result


7. Have fun commenting on other Crawler's sketches ...

and here's a Flickr specific one from donnam

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Since a lot of people have trouble figuring out how to do this, hope this helps. I think that we should make these a static post somehow. Maybe one of you admin's can help.

1. Upload your images to Flickr
2. After you upload your photos, click on the first one and from that screen click on show all sizes.
3. Click medium size and scroll down to where it says, grab the photo's URL (this should begin with http://static)
4. Copy this url and go back to the sketchcrawl forum

In the forum message screen, up and to the right you will see a button labeled "Img"
5. Click the button IMG, paste the url you just copied, and then click the IMG button again.

If you click on preview at this point, you should see your image. You may add text to the message and then hit submit.


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