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London Results

Posted: Thu May 31, 2007 6:30 am
by pete
I was away from northern california where the hub of sketchcrawling seems to be, and in my native city for a change. I still decided to do a sketchcrawl on may 19th, along with my friend simon (who drew in charcoal), from london bridge, through borough market, along the thames, before wandering the empty city streets in search of the fa cup final. Here are my results.

we began in a small greasy spoon by london bridge tube where i told him over a cup of tea about minnie mouse dissing me for eating alone

we continued to the steps of southwark cathedral where i called home for a jumper and we smelled fresh paella and dodged tourist's legs

we squeezed through colourful borough market, and tasted supreme cheese, and marvelled at the colours as the sunlight poked through the railway bridge

we wandered on through narrow alleys following the scent of the thames, catching the golden hinde replica while hungarian tourist photographers stood directly in our way, szia mate. And oh look, st.paul's, drawn later from a pizza restaurant window near the tate modern

Image Image
and we looked northish to cannon street station across the river, in the false belief that the pub we could see was open and showing the football. while we sketched this, my wife tracked us down and took the spy-like photograph above

and that was the almost impromptu sketchcrawl in london. when's the next one? (actually, every day was a sketchcrawl in london for us, but these are just the results from that saturday)
but as if to break that rule, here is one from the day before that saturday, sketched in the middle of soho, just after buying new paints (i still used the old ones), of the blue posts pub: