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Saturday December 9th 2006
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Post by annimator » Tue Mar 20, 2007 10:43 pm

Karen - Nice variety in flamingo poses. The little brown bird is cute. I like how you just added a little bit of color to some of your sketches. The peacocks colors are really pretty. The rain deer in the lower right corner turned out neat. My favorite is the hippo swimming in the water. It looks like he was observing you.

Frosti - Thanks for your comment. My husband and I actually don’t have to move to Minneapolis after all! So I’ll see you at the next SC. The perspective of your lemur drawing is interesting and his eyes give him a startled expression. Your flamingo drawings are nice too. I especially like the one in silhouette standing on one leg. It’s cool how his feathers are ruffled. This could be a design on a business card or stationary. The head of the flamingo turned out great.

Oliver - You have a really nice loose style. The little brown animals look furry even though you just added a few brown watercolor brushstrokes. The flamingo poses are interesting. The page with the lion sketches is beautiful as a whole piece. Your loose lines somehow add a lot of movement to the figures.

Amelia - The profile of the lion with the mane turned out nice. It’s cool that you used the side of your pencil for shading the mane. He looks relaxed and sleepy. The bird with the big beak is a quirky hot pink drawing of a quirky bird.

Enrico - Your drawings of sketch crawlers is a great souvenir from our outing. You can see that everyone is bundled up for the icky weather that we had that day and they’re all carrying their drawing gear. The people and animals look cartoony and realistic at the same time. Your style adds a lot of charm to the characters.

Splinesmith - I think you drew every animal at the zoo! Ha ha: ) Nice variety in action poses. I love the lion swiping his paw and the lion roaring! It’s funny how the giraffe was looking at you as you were drawing it.

Biscuit Maker - Thanks for taking and posting photos! I love your lion feeding drawing. You really nailed that one!

Kazz - your style is really interesting and sort of mystical. I’m convinced that the grumpy bird can talk or even read minds. His bent over pose helps him makes him look even more grumpy and old. Nice color choices for both the first and second piece. The orange background in the monkey sketch makes it seem like the scene is taking place at sunset somewhere in Africa or South America. That color captures the mood and warm atmosphere of the setting. I also like your loose drawings of fellow sketchers.

Erik 76 - Great variety in faces and hairstyles. It’s cool that you tried to sketch very quickly.

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Post by enrico » Wed Mar 21, 2007 12:56 am

thanks for sharing your sketches and comments Ann! Nice work!



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