West Florida

Saturday September 23rd 2006
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West Florida

Postby Panthera » Fri Sep 29, 2006 10:00 pm

9-28-06 [PS- sorry for the crappy scans...]

Okay, I went stag on this one...I only wish I had more to show for the day...I spent a large amount of it in the hospital visiting a friend. Anyway, here are a few odd ball places in and around West Central Florida, some charming, and one view which could be a scene in any city...I guess those are the small little things you can find that are like home no matter where you are...city over passes near a small strip mall with awesome burritos! (well, maybe not the burrito joint, but the over pass thing is true!)

Anyway, here goes my simple watercolors....

Here is the over pass for US 19, right next to the ultimate burrito joint "Chipotle". Enjoy the famous "El Foil Torpedo" yummmm...You will never be hungry again...trust me. Oh, and its a good place to hang outside and sketch too! :)

Coquina Beach...this is just a 10 minute drive from my place and what you see here is the view from the parking lot and the beach is just over the fence. But depending on where you park, you can see the ocean from miles, sitting in your car from the parking lot. This is where I spend many days after work just unwinding and sketching to my hearts content. This is definitely my sanctuary from the rough world sometimes. We all need a place like this, or we'd go insane!...wait a minute...too late *sigh*

This was a place I stopped off in Sarasota after visiting the hospital. Its a little nature walk/park called Philli Creek. Right when you walk in, there is a wide open field to play and run around in, rimmed with beautiful trees of all sorts. I have always loved the way Spanish moss grows on the trees out here...it makes the trees look so magical and other worldly with the shapes and forms they create. That day, the entire field was covered in dragon flies...and when I say the entire field, I mean it!! I have never seen so many in one place!! They all flew around and the sun shined down on them, making them flash with a golden color you could only imagine in your dreams...but it wasn't! I could have sat there for hours...if there weren't a closing time there. But at least this sketch will not let me forget that day.....

I hope you enjoyed my measly little sketches and my even longer descriptions. Every place can have its own magic to it, no matter where you are...I hope you were able to see a little in my small part of the world through the images.

Thanks for looking!

All the best,
"Think highly of yourself, for the world will take you at your own estimate"

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Postby Thorsten » Sat Sep 30, 2006 2:26 pm

well: happy for your friend, where you spent "most of your time" - he could see you and those great sketches. thanks for sharing pictures and story!

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