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Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:01 pm
by hoffman
Wow, great sketches from everyone. Good seeing everyone again, and meeting a few new people.

Here's some of what I did...





Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:12 pm
by martha
Alison: love your sketches. I was great to meet you and chat on Saturday.

Gerald: thanks for the map - very helpful!

Wonderful sketches, everyone.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:56 pm
by Gerald
splinesmith - great pigeon and Angel Island sketch.
There were so many boats out that day.

lunacy - I like your spontaneous contour style.
I recognized fellow sketchcrawlers right away.

erik76 - So funny you ran into something that you
used to own. The sketch of Cafe Trieste lookls just
like the outside.

frosti - I love that 3rd page with the pigeons.
Way to block in those colors.

emma - glad to finally meet you. I really dig
that 3rd page and funky angles. That dog you
water-colored was outstanding.

enrico - killer photos. I like that 5th sketch,
where the sketchcrawlers are spread out on a
hill, under the tree.

Debbie Huey - Awesome fountain sketch, I like
that log with an imaginary character.

biocreep - I dig your linework. I like how you
captured that mom and child playing in the water.

martha - nice watercolor sketches. I like how
I could recognize the objects and places you

2danimator - awesome hotel sketch. I like that
last sketch you added.

annimator - Sorry I missed you on the way
to Dunphy Park. I caught up drawing this German
jeep. That was a great sketch facing the city.

Ryan R - that sketch with the bike seats are

Pica - nice landscape sketches.

hoffman - Good stuff! That caricature is awesome!

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:07 am
by PaintMonster
nice cute sketches!!
I love lower one!!! super sweet!!!

wow great as always!!
I like 4x4 sketch very much!!

hahaha first sketch is the best!!!!!
but lower water color is also beautiful!!
you have many nice style!!

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 4:51 am
by Danny
I actually started drawing earlier in the week with someone from work to get warmed up for the Saturday sketchcrawl. Also, there's a 24hour comic day coming up... so I wanted to warm up for that as well.

Here's a link to the 24 hour comic

and here are my sketches for the sketchcrawl:

enjoy! :D









Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:13 am
by amelia
Great comic! Haha, and I'm in it too!!

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:31 am
by amelia
Here are a few of mine...

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:39 am
by enrico
Nice work as always John.
Danny very good! fun read.
Amelia - really nice sketches. Particularly like the girl in the lower left ...

and the head count is right now at 88 ... but I bet I am missing one or two still ... :)


Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 7:12 am
by buzzlyhan
Awesome sketches! really really beautiful works!! ...and very fine day! i remembered San Francisco.

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 8:50 am
by lexidawn
Awesome job certainly impress me! :shock:

splinesmith: I love your style with the design markers. The dragon implementation is quite enjoyable too. I really like how you added personality to your sketches!

the lunacy: Great job getting all different types of people into your sketches!

erik76: I really like how you washed the ink a bit - very loose style. I like it!

frosti: In all honesty I love the bright yellow paper - quite the contrast with the dark ink! Great sketches!

emma: I really like your sketch of the German tourist - love your sketching style and different techniques.

Debbie Huey: I would have to agree with others that I really like the fog monster...I love how you added a bit of imagination to your sketches!

Biocreep: I really love your style! They are very lively with a lot of contrast. I like the one with the kid playing in the water.

martha: Great soft style. I especially like the Sausalito courtyard sketch.

2danimator: Great quick sketch with incredible contrast. I like the strong strokes.

enrico: I love how loose your sketches are. I like your style with all of the sketchcrawler sketches.

annimator: Great attention to detail in your sketches!

Ryan R: I really like your style with such thick strokes - amazing job man.

Pica: I really like how you washed your ink a bit - and it looks like the watercolor pencils turned out good for ya.

Gerald: I absolutely love the intense contrast in your sketches. Great job!

hoffman: Love the cartoon style you got going on in the first sketch. And the last one looks like it's ready to made into a postcard. Awesome!

Danny: The comic implementation is awesome - great way to sketch your day! It's great reading thru it all.

amelia: You have a great loose style! Excellent.

so many sketchercrawlers, 88!? Perhaps we're the crazy 88...

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:02 pm
by frosti
emma Nice inks! I really like the contrasting line weight's on your 3rd page there. Also, the "sea monkey" in the seaweed is really cute!

Debbie Huey I really like the way you captured the water coming off the fountain in the first image, and the fog monster is way cool. Also, I couldn't agree more, willow trees are a pain!

biocreep Wow! I like your style - it seems like I should be seeing these in the sunday funnies. Your ability to so charmingly capture the complete scene is really cool.

martha Nice sketches! So loose and yet detailed. I think the fountain is my favorite.

enrico Great stuff! I particularly like the backlit shot of the sketchers, with the city in the background. I also like the low angle shot of the sketchbook, talk about a shallow depth of field! What kind of lens is that?

annimator Glad you could make it out :) I really like your "slice of life" with the child and the man with the fishing pole.

vern/2danimator for some reason the sketches don't load for me :( They did at one point though. If I recall - I liked the houses on hill.

Ryan R Nice work! I thiink my favorite is the one of the Gazebo, which I somehow managed to miss when sorting through the books afterwards. It really captures the atmosphere nicely, and in only a few lines.

pica nice sketches - looks like you're enjoying those watercolor pencils. the sketch of the rusty chain is really appealing.

Gerald Sweet drybrushing! It really gives the images, particularly Oliver sketching the elephant, a nice, heavy, 3d feel. I'm really curious as to how to do such drybrushing while out on crawl, it seems like it would be difficult.

hoffman Looks like you had a good day out there :) I really like the watercolors, of course the "post card" is my fave. It's a very serene composition.

Danny Nice work on the comic! A fun read - are you going to include it in your APE comics this year?

amelia Nice stuff - your heron is particularly cool!

Whew, that took a while - imagine if all 88 sketchcrawlers actually posted their stuff! And to think that's just SF.

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:43 pm
by Danny
Okay, wow, where to begin...

alright, read these knowing I didn't get a chance to read everyone's comments yet... my apologies if I'm just repeating with other people already said.

splinesmith I remember flipping through your book afterward... I really love the landscapes... so simple but so well done with that highlighter (and of course the sea monster! :) )

the lunacy yours was another I remember flipping through, great stuff.. I dig how loose that boat is on the first page!

erik76 nice detail! and I also like the way you did the leaves on the tree (the one the dog's tied to)

frosti put some returns in your post... it's really wiiiiiiide :) I like the birds on the posts, but I really like the balanced rocks.

emma I really like the sketch of the dude standing and sketching (lower left of page) he's go a nice volume with minimal lines.

enrico I like that photo where you made use of your own shadow. I also like that really loose first sketch... looks like a great way to warm up... lots of subject but still loose.

Debbie Huey I like you "RRRRR" monster with the houses and the trees (I'm guessing that's fog)

Biocreep wow. I really like your shading! it's a great balance between lines and shadow. and the color one is really nice. I also think you drew paul, ryan, and I way better than I did (your 3rd image vs my last panel of page 6)... but then again you *did* have a better vantage point than me :) ps, are you going to color these?

martha OMG I love that sail boat! the reflections of the water on the boat --brilliant!

annimator they look great, I'm looking forward to the larger images you mentioned...

2danimator I like the curve in the supports of the gazzeebo (how do you spell that!?) it kinda gives it some life.

Ryan R your balanced rocks came out good too... now I wish I had drawn them instead of the sailboats :)

Pica I dig all the boats!

Gerald wow! these are great! how much time did you spend on that elephant? it's awesome!

hoffman that's a great expression on the old guy's face in the 1st one! :)

Danny stop talking to yourself --and you spelt "of" wrong in panel two of the last page, doh! then again you can't spell to begin with....

amelia cute hat! and I like the seagull with the tilted head.

holy crap I made it to the end! :D

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 8:02 pm
by Thorsten
@ gerald: great style you put down in your paintingly sketches! And such a nice way of putting together the single pictures into the big one!! Keep on posting!

@ hoffman: I really like the fourth one! Wonderful page you set up there – besides the other nice ones!!!

@ danny: yes 24hourComic is up as the next DesktopCrawl ;-) Seems you already practiced for it! Big job!

@ amelia: loose style, which I like best in the two female face at the start!

thanks for sharing, alltogether!!!

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 7:27 am
by Sandra Khoo
Wow Wow Wiiee! Looks like everyone had a great time there! Thanx for arranging this meet,Enrico! Made some fond memories that day. ^^

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:15 pm
by splinesmith
Thanks to everyone for the many wonderful comments on my offerings. (And Peter Pen…danke sehr!:) ).
Here are my own, humble observations:

The lunacy: There is so much playfulness in your linework, and good use of color to suggest mood
Erik76: nice, clean style—I really liked the boat at the end (my first bike was a CB350—the little brother to the 550!)
Frosti: great sense of form, and impressive use of color on the colored paper—the birds on the pilings especially show a great use of negative space
Emma: you have a real knack for capturing the interesting moments of life. I hope someday you get a chance to travel around the world and draw what you see. I’d love to see that! The drawings are all strong, but my favorite is the terrier—beautiful rendering.
Debbie Huey: great imagination—I love the fog monster!
Biocreep: Mike, your work is simply amazing! The linework is so expressive, yet so economical. Every mark on the page is an integral part of the story, and to remove even one line would weaken the structure. It’s like visual poetry. It compelled me to check out your web site and blog—an amazing body of work. Kudos, man…
Martha: Your watercolors have a very nice balance between the line and color. The result is so delicate and beautiful.
Enrico: I loved the photos and sketches. Even the photos of the sketchbook were works of art in themselves ( I really liked the last one, with the narrow field of focus). And the sketches themselves are amazing, of course.
Annimator: very nice sketches. I really like the fisherman talking to the kid. Good storytelling.
2danimator: Vern, that strong, architectural style comes through very well in these. Good contrast and tone. I really like the ferry building sketch.
Ryan: nice, loose linework. I especially like the street scenes. How did I miss the rock guy? I never saw him. Oh well, I seem to be the only one who saw the sea monster... :wink:
Pica: yes, the color works nicely. Even when just using a single tone—adds a nice tone to the foundation of the linework. Beautiful!
Gerald: great tone on those…I like the strong contrast. I especially like the elephant and the artist sketching it.
Hoffman: the watercolors are fantastic, but the first guy in profile keeps grabbing my eye—priceless expression on his face!
Danny: wow, an entire graphic novel…very ambitious! But you pulled it off nicely, and it was very fun to read. Nice job!
Amelia: nice flowing linework, especially in the ink drawings…has a “stream of consciousnessâ€