Saturday July 1st 2006!
robert chaplin


Post by robert chaplin » Wed Jun 21, 2006 3:41 pm

Hi ,
Congratulations on building this forum. It's a releif to know that artists are once again working in the most direct manner and celebrating this.
I've been sketching for a long time, although in art school, the practice was almost completely discouraged. My professorswher, by and large either, antiquainted paint chuckers, or insipid contemporaries of the Yoko Ono school of - not doing too much and talking too much about it.
currently I make sketches, carvings, and publish books of said material.
I beleive that sketching is a path each of us travels alone, and that in communion with this activity, we all benefit as artists. Please find link to a carving in aluminum, made into animated gif. First I sketched the idea and then wnt trough the process of sketching on the metal and then removing material.The gif is stored in library and archives canada website, down load it for a desk toy if you wish. or send me an email .
Respectfully, Robert hereunder.
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