Coloured pencil sketching

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Coloured pencil sketching

Post by Sonia_Sulaiman » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:29 pm

I just bought one of those nifty Global Arts pencil cases to put all of my sketching supplies in, and some Prismacolor coloured pencils. With all of the pens and things in there, I don't have room for all of the coloured pencils from the tin. I'm trying to find the right 'palette' of pencils to take with me sketching. The people at this Wetcanvas thread were very helpful: ... ?t=1093202

This is what I decided on so far:

True Blue
Dark Green
Apple Green
Canary Yellow
Spanish Orange
Poppy Red
Crimson Red
Tuscan Red
Dark Brown
Sienna Brown


I'm really happy with how it works for portraiture. I'll try landscape too. For the portrait, I used mostly earth colours: tuscan red, dark brown, sienna brown, ultramarine, goldenrod, poppy red, crimson red, and a little black.

Any other coloured pencil sketchers out there? I'm keen to learn, since I'm new to this medium.

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