Ready for the big weekend?

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Ready for this 14th World Wide SketchCrawl? I hope to see some of you in San Francisco, where we’ll be meeting artists at 11am at the Ferry Building’s Peet’s Coffee. Also don’t forget sunday’s Benefit Art Auction, you can see many of the amazing pieces here. All of you around the world, come by the forums and let us know where you’ll be drawing! Can’t wait to see everybody’s sketches. Lastly, we want to make a...

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How to participate?

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Ok, let’s say you want to participate to the upcoming SketchCrawl fundraiser for Emergency on May 19th and 20th. Here’s a few ways you can be part of it and get some good karma back your way. -1- Draw and raise funds – SketchCrawl with us on May 19th and try to get a few sponsors, some friends or family members, to help you raise donations. -2- Sponsor a SketchCrawler – Make a donation, of any amount, to sponsor a friend of yours that is...

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Can’t miss this Art Auction!

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Glen Murakami, Pierre Alary, Satoshi Yoshioka, Tadahiro Uesugi, Ronnie del Carmen, Enrico Casarosa, Scott Morse, Licsi Szatmari, Nine Revolutions, Zach Johnsen, Sam Hiti, Steve Purcell, Dice Tsutsumi, Rhode Montijo, Bill Presing, Josh Cooley, Jeff Pidgeon, Daniel Arriaga, Noah Klocek, Jennifer Chang, Jamie Baker, Derek Thompson, Vaughn Ross, Ed Bell, Chris Carter, Sergio Paez, Evelyn Hanhn, Jennifer Hanson, Bosco Ng, Sho Murase, Gerald Guerlais, Andrea Blasich,...

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Benefit SketchCrawl weekend for Emergency !

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The weekend of May 19th and 20th is a big one. Saturday May 19th it’s the 14th World Wide SketchCrawl and as you might have heard we are making it a world wide fundraiser. Sunday May 20th we are organizing with our Maverix Studios friends a benefit Art Auction here in San Francisco. All the funds we raise will benefit the humanitarian Organization Emergency – life support for civilian war victims. Emergency builds quality care and hospitals to treat...

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Help spread the word !

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World Wide SketchCrawl 13 is almost here! March 17th is the date. You can make it a sketchpubcrawl too this time, given the day. World Wide SketchCrawl 14 is scheduled for May 19th and it’s going to be a fundraiser! As you might have heard we’ll be sketching through out that day to raise funds for “Emergency”. And we now even have a press release for the event (actually two, both available for download here) Please forward these to whoever might...

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SketchCrawl 14: a fundraiser!

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I think it’s time to try and put SketchCrawl to good use again, time to raise money for a worthy cause with our World Wide drawing marathons. Last year we raised around $2000 with SketchCrawl #7 for the Pakistani Earthquake relief efforts (in conjunction with Danny Gregory). I think we could do better this year… I came across this really interesting video regarding the reality of war victims, please take a look at it. “Emergency” is the...

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SketchCrawl 12.5 results

Posted by on Feb 7, 2007 in updates, WorldWideSketchCrawl | 4 comments

Here’s just a handful of the drawings from SketchCrawl 12.5, be sure to check out all the fantastic sketches in the forums here. Thanks to all of you who participated to the first “Crawl in your home” drawing marathon!

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Crawl in your home !

Posted by on Jan 22, 2007 in updates, WorldWideSketchCrawl | 3 comments

You could call it a mini World Wide SketchCrawl, this “12th and a half draw in your home Crawl”, and it’s happening this coming weekend! No excuse with the cold weather this time! Stay cozy, make yourself some tea and draw away for however long you can! I bet we’ll find things around us in our own homes that we haven’t looked much at, this is a great time to observe our surroundings and record their state. Be it your teakettle, favorite...

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World Wide SketchCrawl 12

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You really have to come by the forums and take a look at all the drawings from around the world! There’s great sketches from Cairo, HongKong, Honolulu, Brisbane and Sapporo to name a few international “Crawl hubs”, many cities in the US too of course. Ronnie and I met crawlers at the San Francisco Zoo. First time I visit it. The feeding of the Lions had to be the highpoint of the day, still staying with me. We were all standing 3 feet from two lions,...

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Flyer for WWSketchcrawl 12 San Francisco

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Print at will and disperse in the bay area … art schools, art supplies stores … anywhere you want! So … remember, for those of you around here, December 9th 11 am at the Zoo’s entrance! More details in the forums here. For all the rest of the world, come to the forums! There’s a lot of cities all around the globe getting ready! For a printable PDF version of the flyer go here (big file, patience required)

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