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Over the weekend, we drove along the California Hwy of Redwood Trees aka: “The Avenue of Giants”. We came across a park with a drive-thru tree named the “Chandelier Tree”. It’s amazing how the trunk of this 315 ft. tree is hollowed out and has continued to live and grow over the years. (top) A rusty wagon used to haul slabs of chopped Redwoods. Gerald

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SketchCrawl # 10 – July 1st !

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Wow, the tenth international Sketchcrawl !? Yes it’s true and it’s here around the corner ! After less than 2 years (the first World Wide SketchCrawl took place in November 2004) we did 10 drawing marathons, with hundreds of artists spanning many cities in the US and several nations around the world!! Putting lines together … on paper … for a day ! 🙂 So … get your sketchbook, pens and pencils ready and join us on Saturday July 1st ! Be...

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World Wide SketchCrawl #9 is next saturday !

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Sketchbooks ready ? I hope you can join in next saturday April 22nd in putting marks on paper, wherever you are. For those of you in San Francisco: we are meeting at 11:00am at Royal Grounds Cafe on the corner of Fillmore and California. See you there !! enrico

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inspiration (By Amelia)

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Hullo SketchCrawlers! Since the next SC is coming up in a few weeks, I thought I would share just a fragment of some inspiring art that I often look to for inspiration. The art of the other contributers of this blog is not shown…their art is inspirational, that is already a given 🙂 I’ll turn it into a trivia of sorts…can you name these artists? See Y’all at SketchCrawl Amelia

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Next World Wide SketchCrawl is April 22nd !

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Mark your calendars !! Start spreading the word and come by the forums to start to look for and organize crawlers in your area !

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SketchCrawl 8 – Tokyo meeting

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So next sunday February 19th we’re gonna meet in Tokyo’s Kichijoji Station, North Exit at noon. Here’s a map courtesy of Marty San. Also be sure to check the forums for other locations around the world participating to World Wide SketchCrawl #8.

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Yes it’s true … no I am not kidding. Sunday February 19th Ronnie del Carmen and I will be in Tokyo joining artists in a day of drawing. We’ll be sketching with some of our amazingly talented friends there, Tadahiro Uesugi and Yoko Tanji to name a few … I really can’t wait and hope many artists can join us there and ALSO from the rest of the world! So let’s make February 19th World Wide SketchCrawl #8 ! Sorry about the short notice,...

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Time for a redesign at

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So here it is … a wordpress blog for SketchCrawl … using the new K2 theme. Much sharper than my cobbled together main page. What I would love to happen is for a few sketchers to become posters and contributors as well. Making this a communal blog about SketchCrawls, drawings, materials and all things having to do with that. What’s the latest discovery of yours? A new pen? A new super light sitting stool? A great sketchbook ? It’d be great to...

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