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A couple of quick sketches … more to come !

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More Bolhem goodness for you

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Amazing work … he gets so much character out of people around him. The first one Bolhem did at SketchCrawl last month, he was telling me how he thought interesting how just making the shape of her feet dark and prominent sells almost automatically her pose and attitude. The other three are from his Paris’ metro sketchbooks, crazy good. 🙂

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You’re in for such a treat!

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I am very honored to present to you the work of another amazing friend and colleague of mine: Bolhem Bouchiba. Bolhem is an experienced and crazy talented animator who’s worked in Paris on such projects as Tarzan and the awesome Disney short Lorenzo. His drawings are simply amazing, I can guarantee you will be inspired! He just handed me a stack of sketchbooks yesterday. They are mostly filled with characters sketches from Paris subways. Here is a first taste of...

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Sketches by Tom Gately

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I am very honored to have Tom’s work grace the SketchCrawl blog’s page. Not only he’s a legend in the animation industry he also teaches the gesture drawings classes, which I am addicted to, here at Pixar. His drawings are a huge inspiration to me and hope they will be to you too, they simply make you want to draw! So grab paper and pencil! Thanks for sharing Tom! e “Just a random assortment of recent drawings…I did most of these at night...

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Sketching on a rainy day – by Emma

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It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day today, so I decided to do a mini-crawl in Davis. Sketching on your own turf is strange because you pass the same things on your way to work every day and end up tuning out buildings, trees, cars, people – they’re interesting, but you just see them too much for it to even occur to you to sketch them. I ended up somehow at the Sacramento Zoo, too – but it started pouring so that turned out to be a very...

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Sketchcrawl Tahoe – by Gerald

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Here are a few sketches from my recent WWSC 8 adventure in South Lake Tahoe, NV. I had such a great time hanging out with friends, snowboarding on the “Easy Rider” slopes up in Sierra. With the constant drizzle of snow and the 20 degree weather, I found it quite difficult to relax while sketching…you tend to draw a little bit faster. Gerald:

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Frank’s drawings

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Great inspiring sketches from Frank Stockton. Many more here and on his site. Many more here and on his site.

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Another contributor: Claudio Acciari

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Well, let me introduce you to one of the upcoming amazing contributors to the new SketchCrawl blog : Claudio Acciari. Italian compatriote, uber talented painter, Ufo Robot Grandizer maniac, Claudio does computer generated pieces (often with Oekaki boards) that push the limits of the medium … he can paint with pixels … really wonderful pieces with daring, unusual and inspiring colors and palettes. I am really happy he agreed to help us make this place great...

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some gestures …

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Here’s one of my gestures from today’s session: and one from Bolhem Bouchiba, a crazy talented top animator here at Pixar. He worked in Disney Paris a few years back on projects like Tarzan and the awesome short Lorenzo. Bolhem is going to be one of the contributors to this blog! Some great stuff is in store for us … 😀 And I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Walt’s gesture drawings notes: ” … our goal is to draw not bones and...

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