SketchCrawl 14: a fundraiser!

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I think it’s time to try and put SketchCrawl to good use again, time to raise money for a worthy cause with our World Wide drawing marathons. Last year we raised around $2000 with SketchCrawl #7 for the Pakistani Earthquake relief efforts (in conjunction with Danny Gregory). I think we could do better this year… I came across this really interesting video regarding the reality of war victims, please take a look at it. “Emergency” is the...

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Sketches by Tom Gately

Posted by on Mar 14, 2006 in Blog, inspiration, just drawings, thoughts | 11 comments

I am very honored to have Tom’s work grace the SketchCrawl blog’s page. Not only he’s a legend in the animation industry he also teaches the gesture drawings classes, which I am addicted to, here at Pixar. His drawings are a huge inspiration to me and hope they will be to you too, they simply make you want to draw! So grab paper and pencil! Thanks for sharing Tom! e “Just a random assortment of recent drawings…I did most of these at night...

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Taking notes

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“Taking notes like sketching, sharpens the mind, hones it in into a more sensitive and receptive instrument, more ready when needed than one that is allowed to “flow with the tide”. It can be the difference between being a a reactor or an actor. The reactor drifts along awaiting opportunities from others before making a move. The actor checks his notes and comes up with a positive move of his own. Most, if not all, artists, composers, authors,...

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Walt’s notes

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Tom Gately gives us every tuesday at the Gesture drawing Class here at Pixar, some print outs of Walt Stanchfield’s notes. They are true nuggets of drawing knowledge and great food for thought. Here’s an excerpt that seems quite fitting for SketchCrawling. “Your Sketchbook can and should contain both writing and sketching. Memories are often useful in creative work. Present day experiences are worthy of recording, saved and savored. Jot down only the...

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Wed your Sketchbook

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“I suggest that you wed yourself so thoroughly to your sketchbook that it almost becomes a physical extension of yourself. And now what you must do is draw and draw and look at the drawings and draw and draw and draw and look at the drawings and draw …” by Robert Kaupelis in his book “Learning do draw”.

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