Date for SketchCrawl #33

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From Enrico: I’ve been asked to set dates for the rest of the year in advance. So here goes: the 33rd World Wide SketchCrawl will be held on October 15th 2011. (Note – I won’t make a topic for it on the forums until we are done with the 32nd) Gus: Likewise the upcoming event post for SketchCrawl 33rd will be posted at that time as well.

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SketchCrawl partners with Give2Asia to help Japan

SketchCrawl partners with Give2Asia to help Japan

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The Give2Asia SketchCrawl website is ready! Please direct your donations and/or sponsors to this dedicated webpage! For those of you outside the US, you can still make donations to Give2Asia but they won’t be tax deductible, we recommend choosing a local non-profit of your choice that is working in the Japan disaster relief. And be sure to come to the SketchCrawl forums too see where Crawlers are getting together!

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How do we make a benefit SketchCrawl?

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Thanks for your responses and questions everyone. We are currently working to set up an account with GIVE2ASIA that will be dedicated to SketchCrawl funds. I’ll let you know as soon as that is ready.   How would the sponsoring work? Here’s what I am thinking. You reach out to as many people as you can asking them the following: “I am gonna sketch ALL day on April 16th to raise funds for disaster relief in Japan. Help me! Be my sponsor in this...

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WWSketchCrawl 21 report!

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Wow! What a great sketchcrawl this past saturday! It was hands down the most attended with artists participating and gathering in more than 90 different locations around the globe. Don’t miss checking out all the drawings on the forums! It really still blows my mind that on these days we are soo many around the world drawing at the same time, it’s such a good feeling. A shout goes out to San Paolo in Brazil with a record 120 artists sketchcrawling there!...

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New SketchCrawl t-shirts!!!

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We’ve just made brand new Sketchcrawl t-shirts in a wonderful new color: Galaxy blue! And they are even organic! Get your SC shirt in time for WWSketchCrawl 21! They are available right here through paypal!!! Thanks for your support. Oh and one last thing – if you’re interested in buying a SC shirt and also my book the Venice Chronicles shoot me an email ( and I’ll give you a $5 discount on the order!

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What a blast!

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Wow, what a fantastic day out!! The San Francisco chapter of the global drawing marathon saw more than sixty artists walking the streets of the Mission. It was a summery day here and it was really great to walk around and draw away in this wonderful neighborhood. The rest of the world was sketching away too, dont miss the ton of different locales posting their drawings at the SketchCrawl forums!!! Hamburg, Florence, Detroit, Tokyo, Berlin, Milan, Seattle, Honolulu,...

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What a Crawl !!

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It was an overcast day in SF but no rain, of course. Thanks to all of you for coming out. We had roughly 60 crawlers around the Marina and Fort Mason today. The rest of the world saw around 52 different locations with avid sketchers roaming about! That’s really exciting, no doubt our biggest worldwide crowd of crawlers. Come by the forums and see drawings from all over the globe! Here’s my offerings from the day (dang trees are hard, gotta get better at...

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The map!

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All of us drawing around the world … tomorrow … 🙂  Join us for World Wide SketchCrawl 18!

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SketchCrawl18 and SC Moleskines

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World Wide SketchCrawl 18 is around the corner, hope you can join in the marathon from whichever locale you are at in the world. In San Francisco we are gonna be drawing around Ghirardelli square and the Marina. One exciting little bit of Crawlnews: I am in talks with Moleskines about making a Limited Edition SketchCrawl notebook. Would you be interested in such a thing? We’d love to hear from you. Please come by the forums here and let us know what you think....

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Can’t miss this Art Auction!

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Glen Murakami, Pierre Alary, Satoshi Yoshioka, Tadahiro Uesugi, Ronnie del Carmen, Enrico Casarosa, Scott Morse, Licsi Szatmari, Nine Revolutions, Zach Johnsen, Sam Hiti, Steve Purcell, Dice Tsutsumi, Rhode Montijo, Bill Presing, Josh Cooley, Jeff Pidgeon, Daniel Arriaga, Noah Klocek, Jennifer Chang, Jamie Baker, Derek Thompson, Vaughn Ross, Ed Bell, Chris Carter, Sergio Paez, Evelyn Hanhn, Jennifer Hanson, Bosco Ng, Sho Murase, Gerald Guerlais, Andrea Blasich,...

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