Walt’s notes

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Tom Gately gives us every tuesday at the Gesture drawing Class here at Pixar, some print outs of Walt Stanchfield’s notes. They are true nuggets of drawing knowledge and great food for thought. Here’s an excerpt that seems quite fitting for SketchCrawling. “Your Sketchbook can and should contain both writing and sketching. Memories are often useful in creative work. Present day experiences are worthy of recording, saved and savored. Jot down only the...

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Yes it’s true … no I am not kidding. Sunday February 19th Ronnie del Carmen and I will be in Tokyo joining artists in a day of drawing. We’ll be sketching with some of our amazingly talented friends there, Tadahiro Uesugi and Yoko Tanji to name a few … I really can’t wait and hope many artists can join us there and ALSO from the rest of the world! So let’s make February 19th World Wide SketchCrawl #8 ! Sorry about the short notice,...

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Wed your Sketchbook

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“I suggest that you wed yourself so thoroughly to your sketchbook that it almost becomes a physical extension of yourself. And now what you must do is draw and draw and look at the drawings and draw and draw and draw and look at the drawings and draw …” by Robert Kaupelis in his book “Learning do draw”.

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Time for a redesign at SketchCrawl.com

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So here it is … a wordpress blog for SketchCrawl … using the new K2 theme. Much sharper than my cobbled together main page. What I would love to happen is for a few sketchers to become posters and contributors as well. Making this a communal blog about SketchCrawls, drawings, materials and all things having to do with that. What’s the latest discovery of yours? A new pen? A new super light sitting stool? A great sketchbook ? It’d be great to...

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Stuff from WWSC7

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In chronological order from saturday …

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SketchCrawl NYC

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You can read Danny Gregory’s retelling of the evening and see beautiful drawings from the New York sketchcrawl here. And some more descriptions and beautiful drawings from Cully here. The Rubin Museum of Art sounds like a great site … want to visit it now! Also Danny and the artists in NY raised around $1000 dollar in donations, which is truly exciting. Which brings me to a needed little update on our side of the fundraiser here in SF. I received some...

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SketchCrawl #7

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Skethcrawl #7 is under way and with a nice turn out. Our good luck with weather is as always uncanny, against predictions once again we have a wonderful day to sketch around. drawing from the top of De Young Museum, what a view up here! The beautiful entrance courtyard Drawing from the bottom the perspective defying tower The tribal artifacts here are amazing, one could draw just that collection all day. Wish I hadn’t forgot my foldable seat to draw … my...

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