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A couple of quick sketches … more to come !

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Sketch away !

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So tomorrow, July 1st, artists from all over the world will be putting pens and pencils to paper together ! Come by the forums to see where the sketching is taking action. Unfortunately Ronnie and I just found out that we will have to work, Pixar calls as we’re in a crunch for a screening … so sadly we won’t be able to join in the group of artists here in San Francisco, but not to worry we’ll try and sketch inbetween storyboard fixes … and...

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SketchCrawl # 10 – July 1st !

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Wow, the tenth international Sketchcrawl !? Yes it’s true and it’s here around the corner ! After less than 2 years (the first World Wide SketchCrawl took place in November 2004) we did 10 drawing marathons, with hundreds of artists spanning many cities in the US and several nations around the world!! Putting lines together … on paper … for a day ! 🙂 So … get your sketchbook, pens and pencils ready and join us on Saturday July 1st ! Be...

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More Bolhem goodness for you

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Amazing work … he gets so much character out of people around him. The first one Bolhem did at SketchCrawl last month, he was telling me how he thought interesting how just making the shape of her feet dark and prominent sells almost automatically her pose and attitude. The other three are from his Paris’ metro sketchbooks, crazy good. 🙂

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Wow! Amazing …

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You have to see this to believe it. An autistic artist with a camera-like visual memory, three straight days of drawing … a perfect rendition of Rome … amazing.

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SC 9 was fun !

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Wow. What a nice day out saturday was! Ronnie and I met a lot of artists, almost forty brave souls attended. We walked from Fillmore and California all the way to the Palace of fine arts and back, maybe even walked too much … I was sure tired after it, but it was still a lot of fun. Exhaustion is certainly an ingredient of the drawing marathon … 😉 Well, thanks to all of you for coming! It was great to see all your drawings at the meeting back in front of...

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World Wide SketchCrawl #9 is next saturday !

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Sketchbooks ready ? I hope you can join in next saturday April 22nd in putting marks on paper, wherever you are. For those of you in San Francisco: we are meeting at 11:00am at Royal Grounds Cafe on the corner of Fillmore and California. See you there !! enrico

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You’re in for such a treat!

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I am very honored to present to you the work of another amazing friend and colleague of mine: Bolhem Bouchiba. Bolhem is an experienced and crazy talented animator who’s worked in Paris on such projects as Tarzan and the awesome Disney short Lorenzo. His drawings are simply amazing, I can guarantee you will be inspired! He just handed me a stack of sketchbooks yesterday. They are mostly filled with characters sketches from Paris subways. Here is a first taste of...

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A new set of watercolors

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Unwrapping the cakes …. 🙂

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Next World Wide SketchCrawl is April 22nd !

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Mark your calendars !! Start spreading the word and come by the forums to start to look for and organize crawlers in your area !

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