The biggest crawl of them all …

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Tomorrow, January 10th, its the 21st World Wide SketchCrawl and people around the world are joining in to sketch around their towns and cities. We have right now an amazing 95 different locations around the globe with artists meeting and drawing. Stockholm, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle, London, Milano, Houston, Brisbane, Shanghai, Dublin, Rome, New York, Seoul, Munich, Paris and many more To see all locations participating visit theforums. In San Francisco we are trying something a little different this time around, instead of meeting at the beginning of the day in a large group we are planning to meet at the end of the drawing day the idea is to go on our own separate adventures and reconvene to share them. The meeting and sketchbooks sharing is happening at the De Young Museum cafe at 4pm. Hope some of you can join us! More details here. Also if youre on facebook, be sure to join the ever growingSketchCrawl group there.


  1. Tati Viana says:

    Hi folks!
    Great day yesterday! I had a lot of fun…
    You can take a look in my website and see the pics of our SketchCrawl.
    I am from Natal, a brazilian small city.

    Well… Just 4 people, but… it was cool anyway!


  2. Karyn says:

    This was my first SketchCrawl and it was awesome. Loved meeting new artists, getting inspired, and doing what we artists love to do, draw! I am looking forward to the next SketchCrawl and will be on the lookout for exciting places for to sketch!

  3. Jader de Melo says:


    I am a graphic designer and illustrator newly formed in the Brazilian city of Goiania, the state of Goias, Brazil. I love the idea of Sketchcrawl and always when I can participate. In last Saturday (01/10/2009) a group and I went on the streets of our city doing drawings …
    I would have the opportunity to disclose the completion of Goinia sketchcrawl in our group is small but we are doing what we can do! I am sending this email as a way to maintain contact, creating a connection with groups of other countries!


    sorry for my bad english! =X


  4. SKIZO says:



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