What a blast!

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Wow, what a fantastic day out!! The San Francisco chapter of the global drawing marathon saw more than sixty artists walking the streets of the Mission. It was a summery day here and it was really great to walk around and draw away in this wonderful neighborhood. The rest of the world was sketching away too, dont miss the ton of different locales posting their drawings at the SketchCrawl forums!!! Hamburg, Florence, Detroit, Tokyo, Berlin, Milan, Seattle, Honolulu, Bangkok, Toronto, Brisbane, Sapporo, Israel, Melbourne, Rome, Copenhagen, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona, Portland, Gustavsberg (Sweden) and more. What an amazing turn out!!! The world brought together by paper and pencil 🙂 Thank you all for participating and for making this the most successful drawing marathon ever ! Looking forward to the next one already early January, date tbd.



  1. Anthony says:

    What a great time. What a great sketch! (and not just because I’m a sucker for vintage bicycles…although that’s part of it.)

  2. Pauline Tolentino says:

    Pardon me . . But, I don’t have a website . As soon as I can get one relative to help me to run this machine (to send pictures) , I will send you many, many sketches from past years of my life. Then, you can “squack”. I cannot get out and around as I would prefer, too “this and that” besides approaching the big 90. So, again , Pardon me !! . . . . .–Ms. Pauline Tolentino–

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