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Sorry for the delay on setting the next global drawing marathon day, been a little busy with the TFP, but here’s the day finally: Saturday OCTOBER 25th!! Mark your calendars and come by the <”>forums</a>! This is a big one, almost 4 years of SketchCrawling around the world!!! Exciting!


  1. Gerald says:

    Really? 4 years already? That was soooo fast. Lemme know if you need any help. Thanks.

  2. Xin Pan says:

    Love to participate! I don’t know I can find some artists in Brisbane to do this together.

  3. Jamie says:

    We would love to take part in the SketchCrawl! Shiawassee Arts Center is a non-profit organization in Michigan. I am working on the final details to make it happen in our community. We look forward to the 25th.

  4. Terri M Wells says:

    Plein Air Austin, Austin, TX, has some artists participating in this 20th anniversary sketch crawl. This is a great event!

  5. enrico says:

    yay thanks for participating !!


  6. Tyler Johnson says:

    Another Great Crawl down here in South America!
    I would like to thank Enrico for getting us all together and organized,
    we just had our 4th Sketchcrawl in Curitiba, Brazil, there is a faithful 15, and they just keep getting better and better. A grand salute to you good sirs and madams!

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