World Wide SketchCrawl 19 set

Date:Apr 14, 2008 Ages: Price: Type: Location:

Mark your calendars ! The next international SketchCrawl day is set to Saturday June 21st !!!


  1. karen ramsay says:


    I paint with a group here in Fort Collins, Colorado and am interested in joining in on the SketchCrawls.
    We paint portraits from life every Wednesday evenings during the school year and I thought this would be a great activity for us throughout the year.
    Would you please pass on the details to begin?

    Most Sincerely,
    Karen Ramsay

  2. Jodi says:

    Anyone have firm plans to SketchCrawl in Vancouver, WA or even someplace as small as Camas, WA? If not, where is the Portland, OR group planning to be?


  3. wynne says:

    When is going to be the 20th SketchCrawl? I can’t wait any more:)

  4. Steph says:

    Is it okay to post this image (sketchcrawl 20 logo?) on our blog to advertise – of course will link back!

  5. Benedetta says:

    Thanks for this beautiful opportunity, I love this initiative…

  6. Rawls says:

    A bunch of people in the Toronto area are going to be meeting at the Metro Toronto Zoo at 12:15pm. Come on out if you can!

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