What a Crawl !!

Posted by on Mar 31, 2008 in Blog, updates | 3 comments

It was an overcast day in SF but no rain, of course. Thanks to all of
you for coming out. We had roughly 60 crawlers around the Marina and Fort Mason today. The rest of the world saw around 52 different locations with avid sketchers roaming about! That’s really exciting, no doubt our biggest worldwide crowd of crawlers. Come by the forums and see drawings from all over the globe! Here’s my offerings from the day (dang trees are hard, gotta get better at ’em).


  1. Jeep says:

    Nice watercolor works!!! I really like your color palette.

  2. Gloria Stitz says:

    very stoked to see your site.
    ALl from having THOUGHT i dreamt up ‘bloggadocio’ all by m’self…there is obviously this uge alternative universe of mis-heard, re-stitched words, phrases, etc.
    Wm Wiley does it alla time..
    let me know when next one is…
    GS aka JP aka Alice B. Toeclips
    her royal mudjesty

  3. Braga says:

    Nice boat!
    How much time did you spend on it?


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