SketchCrawl18 and SC Moleskines

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World Wide SketchCrawl 18 is around the corner, hope you can join in the marathon from whichever locale you are at in the world. In San Francisco we are gonna be drawing around Ghirardelli square and the Marina.
One exciting little bit of Crawlnews: I am in talks with Moleskines about making a Limited Edition SketchCrawl notebook. Would you be interested in such a thing? We’d love to hear from you. Please come by the forums here and let us know what you think. Thanks!


  1. Jen Z says:

    Hi, I have been having trouble signing up to your forums. I’m listed as a member (jaz999) but the account hasn’t been activated – I never got the email to do this, and I’m worried I may have mistyped it or it was lost in my spamfilter. Sorry for posting here, but I’d really love to take part on saturday as well as generally on the forum here. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!
    Oh, the Moleskines idea sounds great -good luck!

  2. enrico says:

    try now Jen … you should be able to log in


  3. Jen Z says:

    It’s working now, thanks!

  4. chuck pyle says:

    Enrico, Great idea, and when will next crawl be? chuck

  5. Ekta says:

    Would like to join Sketchcrawl. I live in NYC. How do I go about doing it? Where can I find out the details regarding the location and the timings?


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