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A couple of quick sketches … more to come !


  1. Feanne says:

    Well I just came across this while surfing art sites… awesome concept! 🙂 Go you!

  2. j says:

    Hey Enrico,
    These are great! I was just in Venice this year and really long to go back.
    Where were these done? The Jewish District?

  3. enrico says:

    j- these were done in the Dorso Duro area … close to Piazza Santa Margherita …


  4. sharada says:

    Hey Enrico,
    I have been an ardent fan for more than a year, have followed your “sketchcrawl ” website since it was just a scratch on the net to the now full blooming mega mammoth.

    Im a risk analyst by day and I like painting/sketching by night.Oils are too time consuming and I simply love this idea of “sketch on the run”.
    Since I travel a lot on business trips Im planning to keep a sketchbook handy at all times to capture everything around me.

    hey what pen do you use?The ones I use …the ink gets dissolved a lot and pencils somehow dont give that “illustration” look which I love.

    ps:Your 24 hour autobiography via cartoons was simply fab.

  5. lorenzo says:

    Wonderful interpretation of Venice ! I made a post about you and your sketch on my blog hope you don’t mind. I like the way you work. Visit my blog and leave your impressions !

  6. alicja says:

    very very nice!!

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