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Over the weekend, we drove along the California Hwy of Redwood Trees aka: “The Avenue of Giants”. We came across a park with a drive-thru tree named the “Chandelier Tree”. It’s amazing how the trunk of this 315 ft. tree is hollowed out and has continued to live and grow over the years.

(top) A rusty wagon used to haul slabs of chopped Redwoods.



  1. amelia says:

    Beautiful sketches Gerald! Great use of black white and graytone. The redwood trees in northern California definetly makes one of my favorite places to picnick


  2. Gerald says:

    Thanks amelia, the drive was nice, but next time I definitely want to try hiking & picnicking at the Redwoods.

  3. enrico says:

    Nice Gerald! seems like you’re getting good use out of your moleskine !
    How are you liking it ? I just bought one of those new watercolor paper moleskines … but haven’t broken it in yet …


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