SketchCrawl # 10 – July 1st !

Date:Jun 20, 2006 Ages: Price: Type: Location:

Wow, the tenth international Sketchcrawl !?
Yes it’s true and it’s here around the corner !
After less than 2 years (the first World Wide SketchCrawl took place in November 2004) we did 10 drawing marathons, with hundreds of artists spanning many cities in the US and several nations around the world!!
Putting lines together … on paper … for a day ! 🙂
So … get your sketchbook, pens and pencils ready and join us on Saturday July 1st !

Be sure to come by the forums and look for artists in your area !

I will be in San Francisco, where we’ll soon figure out a meeting place and itinerary for the day … (suggestions welcome)

Hope you can join us …
Gonna be fun !

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  1. ed says:

    can’t wait!

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