World Wide SketchCrawl #9 is next saturday !

Date:Apr 16, 2006 Ages: Price: Type: Location:

Sketchbooks ready ? I hope you can join in next saturday April 22nd in putting marks on paper, wherever you are. For those of you in San Francisco: we are meeting at 11:00am at Royal Grounds Cafe on the corner of Fillmore and California. See you there !!



  1. Paul says:

    yaaaaaay! I just realized that I have never actually gone to one. I always have other plans I can’t get out of or I miss it (like how the Alcatraz one sold out of tickets.) I have already marked my calender!! I will make this one!

  2. amelia says:

    Yay Paul! See you there!!


  3. enrico says:

    Yay Paul and Amelia! See you there … rain or shine.


  4. paul says:

    hopefully shine and not rain though! Soggy sketchbooks are not fun

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