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“Taking notes like sketching, sharpens the mind, hones it in into a more sensitive and receptive instrument, more ready when needed than one that is allowed to “flow with the tide”. It can be the difference between being a a reactor or an actor. The reactor drifts along awaiting opportunities from others before making a move. The actor checks his notes and comes up with a positive move of his own. Most, if not all, artists, composers, authors, scientists, etc. have been and are avid note takers and sketchers.”

Walt Stanchfield

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  1. Thorsten says:

    Thank you, Enrico, for posting these notes on notes and sketches.

    He is so right in the things he wrote!

    Just when I closed these pages I came up these thoughts in my blog …

    … it’s not only reacting and acting, I spoke to myself. It’s more or less a change of letters and so a change of words: what do you think comes up, if you shuffle the letters of the words ‘reaction’ or “reacting’ 🙂 Take a guess and find one solution here 🙂


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