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I am very honored to have Tom’s work grace the SketchCrawl blog’s page. Not only he’s a legend in the animation industry he also teaches the gesture drawings classes, which I am addicted to, here at Pixar. His drawings are a huge inspiration to me and hope they will be to you too, they simply make you want to draw! So grab paper and pencil! Thanks for sharing Tom!


“Just a random assortment of recent drawings…I did most of these at night after a long day spent with the computer. I draw from T.V. , books and life. Some of these are drawings I did after gesture drawing class from memory. Its funny, I really enjoy drawing more now in my free time now that I’m animating on a computer. I hope you like them… any comments, criticisms, or thoughts would be great to hear. And a big thank you to Enrico for letting me post them…”


fullsize here

fullsize here

fullsize here

fullsize here

fullsize here

fullsize here


  1. Emma says:

    Wow, these are really great, full of movement. I keep on scrolling back up to the fourth picture down, the girl on her hands and toes is awesome.

    What size/media are these?

  2. Heath says:

    I remember seeing a lot of Tom’s sketches in the Stanchfield notes and loving the heck out of them! Does Tom Gately have a blog or website to see more? Thanks for the post Tom! -Heath

  3. nick says:

    Woeo! These are awesome!
    It’s very fun, very appealing stuff! And I love how so much sophisticated stuff is going on beneath the seemingly simple style. Thank you both for posting them–

  4. enrico says:

    Emma- didn’t see the originals, but it looks like pen on regular paper …

    Heath- No Tom Gately website or blog …. yet … X)


  5. justin says:


    Like many people, I have been a Tom Gately fan since seeing and falling in love with his drawings in the Disney Sample Portfolio and the Stanchfield notes almost a decade ago. They are just so full of life and appeal, and to echo Enrico, “…they simply make you want to draw!”

    Enrico thanks you so much for posting.
    Tom, thank you for sharing this.

    Your fan.

  6. tom gately says:

    Thanks for the feedback everybody. I am trying to get up to speed and start a website soon but have been to busy with work. Hopefully soon though. And these drawings were done with just a regular drafting pencil (Design/ebony) on color copy paper. I’ll try posting some more next week…

  7. j says:

    Great stuff Tom. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. Stephen Reilly says:

    I would love to see the website Tom. I teach in rural Alaska and my kids could learn much about drawing movement from these sketches. I recall your early drawings for posters and events (has it been 15 years?)with great fondness. I wish you well. Steve

  9. Colin O'Dwyer says:

    Is this Tom Gately from Summit, New Jersey…brother of Chris? If so, great work Tom…glad you’re doing well! How is your bro? I haven’t talked to him in years!


  10. Lauren B. says:

    I am an old friend from CC who happened to stumble upon this blog. I love your work, Tom. Congratulations on your success.

  11. Cass says:

    Spectacular work T. Keep them coming to share with everyone. Your work has a great impact on others. CB


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