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Here’s one of my gestures from today’s session:
Last ones ...

and one from Bolhem Bouchiba, a crazy talented top animator here at Pixar. He worked in Disney Paris a few years back on projects like Tarzan and the awesome short Lorenzo. Bolhem is going to be one of the contributors to this blog! Some great stuff is in store for us … 😀
He's the man ...

And I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Walt’s gesture drawings notes: ” … our goal is to draw not bones and muscles and insignificant details but rather squash and stretch and weight distribution, plus – just to keep life interesting – composition, shape+form, perspective, line and silhouette, tension, planes, negative and positive shapes, to mention a few.”


  1. Tom says:

    Those are pretty good, wow. Gotta practice my gestures, I guess!

  2. shmileblik says:

    Wahou! I’m happy to discover this new sketchcrawl corner! Thanks Enrico!
    Love all those gestures, specialy the woman in dress who’s touching her hair!
    very interesting!
    For the 1st pic , do you work with a pencil like “pentel” ?…I love the biggest draw

  3. enrico says:

    shmileblik- i use a thick pantone marker or sometimes a Tombo brush pen …


  4. shmileblik says:

    thanks enrico^^

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