Sketchcrawl Tahoe – by Gerald

Posted by on Feb 28, 2006 in Blog, just drawings, WorldWideSketchCrawl | 6 comments

Here are a few sketches from my recent WWSC 8 adventure in South Lake Tahoe, NV. I had such a great time hanging out with friends, snowboarding on the “Easy Rider” slopes up in Sierra. With the constant drizzle of snow and the 20 degree weather, I found it quite difficult to relax while sketching…you tend to draw a little bit faster.



  1. enrico says:

    Great watercolors Gerald, love that first one. Thanks for contributing !


  2. biga says:

    I love them, they not only look great, but bring back alot of memories of South Lake as kid, especially the Buttercup.

  3. Kazu says:

    Ooh, these are nice. I was just up in Tahoe this past weekend, too!

  4. Gerald says:

    enrico – Thanks for your assistance and the opportunity.

    biga – Thank you, has that yellow car always been in front of the Buttercup, even back in the days as a kid? Not sure if Placerville seems like a quiet town, but I picked up a brochure for downtown Auburn. That looks like a great place to do some sketches.

    Kazu – Thanks, I just saw your photo from Tahoe, looks like you had some fresh powder while you were there. Nice. Just headed to the snow again last weekend, this time for snowboarding, but the snow was not as soft in Bear Valley…I’d rather drive to Tahoe again.

  5. biga says:

    I think the yellow car has been there for a long time, I can’t remember a time it wasn’t there and I’ve been going up there 34 years (but I also have a bad memory).

    As for Placerville is does have some fun history and picturesque places, but they seem to be spread out a little bit. If I was going to wander around down there I’d go to the old section of town and a courthouse, however I would choose Auburn over placerville, especially the Courthouse and the bridge over the highway just before town.

  6. Thorsten says:

    Wonderful you shared here! Still some more good ones to see on your pages!! I like the frames you are working with on those watercolours.

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