More SketchCrawl Tokyo …

Date:Feb 23, 2006 Ages: Price: Type: Location:

Here’s a couple from me …

and check these beauties from Ronnie.

More from Ronnie here.


  1. j says:

    These are amazing Enrico, really. You and Ronnie really outdid yourselves. I’m really in awe of how far your sketches have come. You seem to really be digging into some fertile dirt with these and pushing things around alot.

  2. Don Kilpatrick says:

    Beautiful sketches Enrico and Ronnie! I love what you are doing with your line, Enrico. thanks for posting these up!

  3. Maggie says:

    Beautiful sketches and love the perspective. I am not sure who “me” is, do you have a personal blog as well as this one? Can you direct me to it…I am thinking this must be Enrico based on the other comments.


  4. enrico says:

    J- thanks for your nice words … glad you feel that way …

    Don- thank you man …

    Maggie- ah yes, me as in Enrico. The top 2 are mine …
    blog’s at



  5. Jason says:

    Wonderful sketches. I’m ‘drawn’ to great line work. Exxxxxcellent.

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