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Posted by on Feb 15, 2006 in Blog, inspiration, just drawings | 8 comments

Well, let me introduce you to one of the upcoming amazing contributors to the new SketchCrawl blog
: Claudio Acciari. Italian compatriote, uber talented painter, Ufo Robot Grandizer maniac, Claudio does computer generated pieces (often with Oekaki boards) that push the limits of the medium … he can paint with pixels … really wonderful pieces with daring, unusual and inspiring colors and palettes. I am really happy he agreed to help us make this place great … grazie Claudio!


  1. Régis says:

    My oh my! The Italians are taking over the world. Simply beautiful. I seriously thought the first one was a photo. Amazing!

  2. frank stockton says:

    these are great, the top one looks like a place I stayed at in Sicily once upon a time…

    how does one become a contributor to the sketchblog site?

  3. amelia says:

    That first one really does look like a photograph… To me it seems somewhat like Tadahiro Uesugi’s work. Just great stuff, glad to hear he’s part of the team!


  4. claudio acciari says:

    Thanks a lot,you are so kind.Those drawings are two homages I made for Sky-Doll,a comic book made by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa,two dear friends of mine and great artists too.I want to thanks especially Enrico for giving me the opportunity to show this stuff.

  5. enrico says:

    Ah thanks Claudio … you know I can’t quite make the connection between these awesome pieces and Sky-Doll (which I also love) … how did they come about ?


  6. claudio acciari says:

    You are right,there is apparently no connection,but this is not the final version.I plan to draw Noa ( the main character in Sky-Doll)more on model, dress up with middle age clothes.I want to portrait those parts of Italy in wich seems to be still in that period of time.
    c a

  7. enrico says:

    oh I see … great … thanks Claudio … these are awesome.


  8. Nick D'Innocenzo says:

    These appear to be digital images that were posterized in Photoshop rathe than directly painted on a substrate of any kind. Are they? Nevertheless I enjoyed the intent to show the older aspects of Italy.

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